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Organizational Renewal When Change Has Failed In The Past Workshop

Change-Management-OrganizatThe dissatisfaction with status quo has been established, the vision is compelling, and yet, when it comes to examining how the organization needs to transform to meet the future, your group struggles.  Sound familiar?  Perhaps your group is dealing with some “residual” resistance from previous poorly-managed change initiatives.

This workshop looks at how an organization can overcome the residual “R” left by former change initiatives, renewing and refueling your current change initiative to succeed.

The learner will be able to:

  • Learn about the “residual” resistance and the “undiscussables”
  • Recognize what the “residual” resistance can do to your current change initiative
  • Build a “triage” change team to explore the current “residual” resistance in your organization and remedies to overcome it
  • Identify necessary steps moving forward to refuel your current change initiative

Who should attend:

Leaders and senior management who are struggling with current change initiatives because of failed or misguided change initiatives from the past


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