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Best Strategies For Leading Organizational Change During Chaotic Times

Change-Management-Chaotic-TAccording to a 2012 survey 73% of revenue growing and profitable organizations did so because they excelled at managing change.  A 2003 Change Management Best Practice study reported that only 1/3 of change teams used a formal management tool, but of the the ones who did those teams showed an ROI of 143%

Change is constant.  So too can be your change management protocol.

This workshop helps organizational leaders understand that chaos and change do not necessarily determine the trajectory or success of their organization.  Using strategies from over 30 years of organizational development experience, our workshop participants build a roadmap to help them avoid uncessary risk while continuing to provide constant, healthy change initiatives within their organization.

The learner will be able to:

  • Recognize why we are currently in a state of constant chaos
  • Reframe beliefs to help us cope with that chaos
  • Apply 5 critical steps for handling chaos successfully
  • Build a roadmap to handle chaotic change for the future

Who should attend:

Leaders and senior management looking to gain strategic skill in helping their organization excel in change even amongst chaos.


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