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Survival of the Hive Free Chapter

“The Who Moved My Cheese of 2013!”

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The current lack-luster, mediocre style of leadership in many organizations producing mild results and disengaged employees will not work moving forward. In this post-recession workforce organizations are realizing that they can do more with less. That means that the leadership that is currently in these organizations needs to rapidly find how they can become extremely value-added.

Enter Survival of the Hive: 7 Leadership Lessons from a Beehive.

Survival of the Hive takes the lid off a beehive and provides a fun, relevant, and reflective look at the tiny, purposeful inhabitants inside. Through the leadership experiences of Zync, a queen-in-waiting, we are taught seven important leadership lessons by her mentors—Vision, Belief, and Strategy—including the Front Porch Accountability Philosophy, the Bee-2-Bee Communication Waggle Dance, the all-important Leadership P-Factors (Footprint, Resourcing, Calming, and Unity), the Honeycomb structure and the Perfect Product Honey System.

Deborah Mackin and Matthew Harrington, in a creative yet practical way, use the bee colony, and specifically Queen Zync, as an entertaining allegory to illustrate leadership in an organized community. Throughout the book, the hive provides a working illustration of cultural complexity, leadership clarity, and the importance of trust as a foundation for excellence. Included in each chapter are Reflections for Today’s Leaders as well as Group Discussion Questions to help facilitate a survival of the hive philosophy within your own organization.

Download the introduction and first chapter today and start your journey through the hive! Please fill out the form below to access your free download!


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