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Supervisory/Management Skills


Course Offerings:

Supervision Skills: Basic:
Most supervisors are promoted into the role of supervisor because they are good at doing the job, not because they are good at supervising others; that skill has to be learned.

The learner will be able to:
• Understand their role and expectations
• Use tools for the supervisor
• Coach for high performance and accountability, including performance reviews and legal issues
• Develop Communication skills
• Understand the supervisor’s role in conflict resolution
• Construct a cohesive team

Who Should Attend:
For every new or untrained supervisor. We suggest a roundtable because the 6 weeks allows the supervisor to implement what is being learned each week.

Supervision Skills: Advanced:
Advanced supervision takes the learning to the next level, with more of a focus on empowering others and being a key player in the organization’s success.

The learner will be able to:

  • Articulate your vision and leadership direction
  • Strategize how to organize and implement daily huddles and weekly staff meetings
  • Delegate in order to manage multiple priorities
  • Mediate conflicts between staff and/or departments
  • Implement a glass house system for measuring results
  • Define standard work practices for improved performance delivery

Who Should Attend:

For those who have taken “Supervision Skills: Basic” and want to continue to build on their managerial skills.


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