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Presentation Skills

Course Offerings:

Presentation Skills:
We have about 5 seconds to make a positive opening impression when giving a presentation, recognizing that the average attention span lasts about 6–8 minutes. Learning how to organize and present well is a priceless competency for any leader. Participants prepare a presentation prior to the training and then fine-tune it throughout the day both in terms of content and delivery.

The learner will be able to:

  • Maximize your presentation for different audiences
  • Accommodate different generational  preferences when presenting information
  • Apply the “must do’s”  to improve your presentations
  • Structure an effective open, body and closing
  • Add  “spice and sparkle” that makes a presentation terrific
  • Navigate specific presentation situations

Who Should Attend:
A great training for those who are in the presentation limelight as part of their job, or are teaching others new skills.


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