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Team Building Training

Team Books 3_cropNew Directions has been working with teams since 1986 and Deborah Mackin, New Directions’ Founder and President, has written three successful books on team concepts (The Team Building Tool Kit, Second Edition, The Team Building Tool Kit and Keeping the Team Going) , so it’s no surprise that the most requested workshops at New Directions are on the implementation of teams.

Most specifically, organizations inquire about the six modules we recommend for the introduction of teams into an organization, which are included in our team-focused services.

Training for new teams includes:

How Teams Work:
• Getting the Team Started
• Roles and Responsibilities in a Team Environment
• Communication Styles and Appreciating Personalities
• Team Meeting Skills including Consensus Decision Making
• Interpersonal Skills for Team Members
• Resolving Team Conflicts
• Building the team's metric system

Training for More Experienced Teams:Training for Self-Directed Teams:
• Establishing the Self Directed Team
• Creating the Team’s Hand-off Plan
• The Role of the Team Leader
• Team Goal Setting and Tactical Planning
• Facilitation Skills
• Coaching the Self-Directed Team
• Implementing Star Point Roles

• Group Dynamics and Avoiding Dysfunction
• Advanced Decision Making
• Advanced Facilitation Skills
• Team Problem Solving
• Peer Review

Other Team Training Modules:
• Empowerment Training for Supervisors (Coaches) and Managers
• Skill Development for Mentoring and Coaching Self-Directed Teams
• Team Leader: Preparing for a Challenging Role
• Interviewing Skills: Team Hiring
• Overcoming Team Problems
• Molding and Motivating Your Organizational Team
• A Team Performance Management System including peer review

Uncertain as to which training program best meets your needs?
Use our Team Assessment Tool to assess your team's skill level and select the training topic your team needs most.


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