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Survey Presentation

The whole goal of a successful survey is to provide summary data in an easily understood, readable format.  A good summary doesn't provide just the raw data; it also highlights trends, analyzes key factors and compares data in categories, year-to-year comparisons, or by demographics. 

We work closely with the client to develop the final documents, including executive summaries and supporting documentation, to support the goal of the surveying.  Comments and supporting interviews are woven in with the data to provide as clear a picture of the situation as possible. 

As an outsider, our job at NDC is to help separate the "forest from the trees" and to enlighten and focus the eye on the key data points. 

We recently saw great value in survey presentation relative to a high-level strategic team that was struggled with its performance.  All the feedback was gathered anonymously through online and interview surveying.  NDC compiled and delivered the presentation to the team, zeroing in on its key strengths and areas needing improvement.  Right away the team was able to embrace the feedback and begin discussion of items that were quite negative, without any accusations, finger-pointing or marginalizing of the data.  The data became a jumping-off point for improved performance.


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