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While people often know what they want to survey, they don’t always know how to design and develop an unbiased, clear survey instrument.  New Directions has over fifteen years of experience in survey design, including internal/external customer surveys, employee morale surveys, 360-feedback instruments, organizational assessments, teaming assessments and stakeholder surveying for strategic planning.

Each client survey is custom-designed to deliver the final product desired by the customer.

For example
An organizational assessment is designed to provide a broad understanding of the strengths and areas needing improvement, while a customer focus group survey is designed to provide key feedback on specific products or services.

Every survey process begins by defining the desired end product and then building the survey components in order to get there.

The design and development work also includes the layout of the survey and how it will be administered.  We work hard to vary the question format to make it interesting for the survey participant.  Our goal is always to achieve greater than 75% feedback response from the participant pool.  We assist with the communication to participants, building of the demographic pool, and survey follow-up to increase the number of responses and the sharing of the final results in an easily understandable format.


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An innovative training and employee development firm located in southern Vermont since 1984, we specialize in helping organizations get the most out of their people by raising the bar, inspiring potential and partnering with organizations to build a people-centered, high-engagement culture.

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