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360-Performance Feedback

The 360-Degree Assessment is an on-line tool that surveys an employee’s significant stakeholders to learn first hand how they view that employee’s performance. Typically, people ask their manager, direct reports, peers, internal customers, group/team members and vendors (if appropriate) to participate. The employee is also expected to complete a self-evaluation as well.

Our Approach

  1. We discuss the goals for the survey with the client, explain the process and budget, and give you a sample 360 Degree Feedback Assessment survey tool to review.
  2. We work together to customize the tool for the audience and position of the person being evaluated. The survey tool and process is shared with the employee and we are available to answer any questions he or she might have.
  3. We ask for your final approval of the survey document. Upon approval, we create the online survey and test it for data accuracy and proper capture of data and comments.
  4. We ask you to have your employee choose feedback providers from a 360 degree viewpoint who are in the best position to assess this person’s competency. We suggest that you choose 15-20 feedback providers so that each grouping has at least 3 respondents to guarantee anonymity (with the exception of the manager or supervisor).
  5. The HR Manager or senior manager first sends out an invitation to the feedback providers inviting them to participate and introducing us as facilitating the process. It lets them know to expect an e-mail from us so that our e-mail invitation is recognized when it is sent. If someone does not have e-mail or would prefer to complete a paper copy of the survey, we can also provide this for them. It also gives them an opportunity to ask you or us about the process.
  6. Once we know everyone is on board, we set a launch and deadline date.
  7. On the launch date, we send out the e-mail invitations to each feedback provider with an individualized link to complete the survey. We also send HR/senior manager and the employee an e-mail invitation to let you all know that the launch is complete. We will also send the employee who is being evaluated an individualized link to complete the self evaluation as a part of the process.
  8. We monitor the data and send regular updates to you and the employee on the response rate.
  9. We are available to answer any e-mail questions or problems/issues with survey completion and data submission.
  10. We send out remainder e-mails prior to deadline date and make phone calls as needed or requested.
  11. When the deadline date is reached, we send you an e-mail with the response rate and the employee’s list of respondents.  We ask you to put these respondents into groupings (if you haven’t already) such as manager, direct reports, peers, project team, customers, vendors etc. The groupings are customized based on the position. If needed, we extend the deadline date and follow up with your feedback providers to gain better participation.
  12. When the survey is closed, we provide you with a summary document that can be shared with the employee. We also provide a sample developmental plan that can be used in the de-briefing and walk you through the process we use.


The Assessment
Asks between 4–11 questions in each of the following 12 categories:

1. Inspires a shared vision
2. Coaching and Leadership
3. Communication
4. Conflict Resolution
5. Customer Orientation and Satisfaction
6. Decision Making
7. Goal Setting and Managing Change
8. Partnering and Collaboration
9. Personal Impact and Influence
10. Planning
11. Problem Solving
12. Results Orientation

The 360-Degree process begins with a review of the assessment tool questions to make sure they are appropriate for the position of the employee being assessed. The employee and manager are able to modify questions on the survey as needed to make it more relevant to each particular situation. You’ll work closely with New Directions’ staff to make any revisions needed.

Features of the New Directions 360-degree assessment process:

• Ability to customize the 360-degree tool to the individual’s position within the company. For example, people who are Directors or Vice-Presidents need to focus more on inspiring a shared vision than do those at other levels within the company. The survey results highlight the self score as well as others in specific groupings, providing a quick comparison of any areas of incongruence.

• A one-on-one review of the 360 results with each feedback recipient, usually lasting over an hour. This personal approach helps people process the feedback and move toward an action orientation. One client recently commented, “I’ve never had anyone review my 360 with me before. In the past I just put it away after the workshop.”

• A Development Plan that examines how to increase the impact of their strengths and tackle selected areas for improvement. An action plan is developed that includes specific goals and activities. We encourage the individual to meet with his/her manager to gain approval and support for the plan.

Ongoing coaching for the individual to help encourage change and growth. When the follow-up 360 is completed, the individual and coach have an established relationship to compare the results honestly and openly.

On occasion we also build modified 360-feedback assessments geared specific to our Successful Leadership Training Series.  Individual 360s are completed prior to the training to establish a baseline score and then reassessed one year later to determine the amount of progress made in each area of training.  This type of 360 establishes an accountability for measurable results that drive behavior change.


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