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Conflict In The Workplace

Unresolved conflict can be a detrimental force to any organization. For optimum performance, it is imperative that you can depend on each member of the team to be able to perform his/her duties without the distraction of unresolved conflict.

Each New Directions’ consultant is a trained facilitator, able to provide the necessary support to conduct conflict interventions in the workplace. We offer training on conflict mediation, change management, and communication styles, to further improve group dynamics, handle emotions in the workplace and build trust. Our services help organizations shift from dysfunctional workplace relationships to those that are open, honest and direct.

Course Offering:

Conflict Resolution Skills:
Experts suggest that a conflict occurs in the workplace every 20 minutes. If not  handled correctly, people will either triangle behind each others’ backs or collect stamps (resentments). There has to be a better way!

The learner will be able to:

  • Identify the root causes of conflict
  • Recognize the 2 phases of conflict — and what do to in each
  • Recognize the best process for navigating through the emotional phase
  • Give and receive feedback using  RISC/PAUSE to move toward resolution
  • Build a conflict protocol for the team
  • Apply a 5-step process to mediate conflicts with others

Who Should Attend:
Absolutely necessary for teams, also great for managers who need to know how to handle conflict.

Mediating Conflicts:
As managers and supervisors, we often find ourselves having to mediate conflicts that others are having. Done poorly, we can actually cause the conflict to escalate.

The learner will be able to:

  • Recognize the core components of effective conflict resolution
  • Understand the performance expectations in the role of the mediator
  • Identify how to check for readiness
  • Recognize the importance of setting ground rules for resolution
  • Identify and practice the mediation process — a model approach

Who Should Attend:
Managers and supervisors.

Who We Are

An innovative training and employee development firm located in southern Vermont since 1984, we specialize in helping organizations get the most out of their people by raising the bar, inspiring potential and partnering with organizations to build a people-centered, high-engagement culture.

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