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Change Management

What does the equation D x V x F > R mean to your organization?

For us, it’s the best approach for overcoming resistance to change.
New Directions’ consultants help businesses manage the impact of change by:
• Guiding organizations through the change process
• Helping them identify trends and events that may require special attention
• Providing expertise on organizational structure changes
• Helping organizations overcome their dissatisfaction with status quo to define changes that will impact the organization’s’ success
• Assisting with the creation of a guiding vision and defining the first steps to implementation
• Coaching employees as they adapt to personal and professional change

Course Offerings:

Change: Best Strategies for Helping Your Staff Handle Change
During the turbulent days we’re facing, it’s best to have a strategy for helping your staff handle whatever ups and downs come their way.

The learner will be able to:

  • Recognize what happens to people during any change
  • Learn about the “nowhere zone”
  • Identify the stages of loss we experience during change
  • Reframe beliefs to help us cope
  • Apply 4 critical steps for handling change successfully
  • Recognize 5 personal characteristics of change-adept people

Who Should Attend:
Managers and supervisors going through or facing a significant change; people who want to understand why people react as they do, and how to help others handle change.

Change: Best Strategies for Helping Yourself Handle Change
You may find yourself having trouble sleeping, picking fights with others, or just wanting to stay in bed. We all need help understanding what’s happening to us emotionally during change.

The learner will be able to:

  • See how we react when change occurs
  • Learn the emotional stages we go through during the change
  • Understand why we put up resistance, even when we don’t mean to
  • Learn the four steps to handle change successfully
  • Measure yourself against the characteristics of people who
    succeed at change
  • Build your personal change action plan

Who Should Attend:
Best suited for any employee going through or facing significant change.

Change: Here Comes Change — Four Critical Steps for Successful Implementation:
Doing more with less … implementing cost-cutting measures … continuous change. A group of managers recently used our diagnostic change tools and realized that the five changes they were planning to implement were destined to fail unless they did some immediate course corrections.

The learner will be able to:

  • Apply an effective formula for implementing change
  • Understand the 7 steps in any change process including the first 4 critical ones
  • Measure whether you’re doing enough for each step
  • Apply remedies to get back on a winning course
  • Recognize the 3 levels of resistance and how to overcome

Who Should Attend:
Senior level leaders, directors and managers driving change initiatives

Change: Leading Organizational Change During Downsizings:
Several years ago we did extensive research into the best practices of organizations during downsizings and closings. This workshop will provide a boilerplate to guide leaders and managers through difficult organizational change, what to do and what not to do, plus numerous examples of best practice documents and strategies. No downsizing or closing is easy, but when leadership does the right things, it makes a big difference.

The learner will be able to:

  • Know how to form your transition team to manage the change
  • Articulate the organization’s change philosophy
  • Define key milestones and targets during the change process
  • Know ways to communicate strategies and key documents to employees
  • Determine how to help the “survivors”
  • Lessons learned from best practices

Who Should Attend:
A perfect session for organizational leaders who will need to implement difficult changes in their organizations, from downsizings to closures.


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