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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is only as good as the execution behind the strategic plan.  Getting complete consensus, ownership of the strategy, as well as buy-in from stakeholders are the essence of a great organization's strategic plan.  New Directions has partnered with both small and large organizations to help organizations go from brainstorming to rolling up their sleeves and cascading the plan down to every member of the entity for maximum results.

New Directions helps facilitate the strategic planning model by working with an organization's Strategic Steering Team or senior leadership.  Using a structured approach to planning, prioritizing, brainstorming and decision-making processes, New Direction's facilitation encourages innovation and allows all members to have a voice.   At the end of the process your organization will have a living, dynamic document that helps illustrate the vision and direction of your business for the next 3-5 years.  We also work with you to help cascade the 'workload' to every aspect of your department, managers, and staff - making the document a roadmap for the future of your organization.

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