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Marketing & Social Media

Marketing is the art and ability to tell a story well.  The question tends to be: can an organization effectively tell its compelling story to customers enough to make them purchase services or product?  Does that rich story embody the culture or brand of the organization? This is the bottom line of marketing success:  how to get the company story out and told to others.

The story of your company is told in many different and interactive ways including through your website and social media where you demonstrate to the world your expertise.  Your story can be amplified by developing rich content (podcast, videos, pictures, blogs, etc.) that actively engages your customers.  Your story is then carried through by the interactions you have with customers, how you treat them and how they champion your story to others.  Finally, your story is narrated by how your product or service performs once purchased and if it meets the needs expectations of the customer.

At New Directions we don't believe social media is the answer.  We believe it is a part of the solution, along with embracing quality customer service, instilling continuous product improvement and measurements, and by empowering your workforce to be champions of the brand.  New Directions links clients to their marketing possibilities, provides facilitation of social media platforms, and builds a structured format and process -- all to navigate the brave new world of marketing and social media to best tell their story.




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An innovative training and employee development firm located in southern Vermont since 1984, we specialize in helping organizations get the most out of their people by raising the bar, inspiring potential and partnering with organizations to build a people-centered, high-engagement culture.
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