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Kaizen (CI) Events

Kaizen, or continuous improvement, events gather people who know a process well and are able to brainstorm ways to bring about improvement.  Too often these events focus solely on the symptoms and miss the root causes.  We're always quick to want a "fix" immediately, and as a result, often miss the problem solving process steps that drive real improvement.

New Directions is skilled in process improvement, Lean, and Six-Sigma systems.  However, we also know how to get people engaged in the process, how to bring out creative, new ideas and drive effectiveness consensus decision making.  These process and relationship skills are the "missing ingredients" in many kaizen events.  Make your next continuous improvement session fun, interactive, engaging and productive.

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An innovative training and employee development firm located in southern Vermont since 1984, we specialize in helping organizations get the most out of their people by raising the bar, inspiring potential and partnering with organizations to build a people-centered, high-engagement culture.
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