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A current trend emerging in all industries is the need for an outside facilitator or “ring leader” for company events and meetings.  Leaders, in New Directions' mind, need to focus much more on content and on the relationships within the event.  An outside facilitator can help run the actual process and structure of the event - making sure things go smoothly and the leader looks his or her best.

New Directions partners with leaders in designing and managing their meetings and events - from concept planning, design, and communications to the actual event and wrap up.  The most common uses for New Directions’ facilitation skills include:  event design, meetings, board retreats, conferences, strategic planning sessions, and most recently, marketing and social media facilitation.

Some Clients Using This Service: Hemmings Motor News, WBTN Radio Station, Hoosick Falls Health Center, Kee Auto Top, Alchemy Promotional Products, Sanofi Pasteur, Sanborn Place


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