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360 Performance Evaluation

The Coaching process is launched by completing a 360-degree feedback tool, a compilation of feedback from numerous raters who provide a broad perspective for the client. The tool is completed on-line so the raters can be within or outside the organization. We encourage the client to “customize” the tool to his/her particular situation and focus. The 360-degree feedback provides detailed numerical data on every question asked, plus overview charts of strengths and areas needing improvement. Individuals are also encouraged to provide comments to support their scores; these comments are shared with the individual being rated.

Development Plan
Once the 360-degree feedback has been reviewed, the individual works to create a Development Plan. This plan begins with identifying strengths and how to capitalize on them, areas needing improvement including those that were unknown before, identification of resources and supports to assist with desired change, identification of clear SMART goals and a final meeting with the individual’s manager to gain buy-in and support. The written Development Plan functions as a reference document throughout the coaching process.


Who We Are

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