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Why Change When Things Have Been Successful in the Past?

NDInsights_WhyChangePast-SuWe recently began work with a fortune 1000 company whose sales have quadrupled over the past four years and who now boasts a more than 6,000 employee workforce. Despite that enormous growth and success, the company is deciding to make massive changes within its culture and the way it conducts business.

Why? Why change when things have been so successful?

This is the toughest question to answer when you‘re already a successful organization.  If it were a poor, less-than-stellar organization, then our Case for Change isn’t a massive leap for anyone to accept (we all know why we need to change).  But creating a Case for Change and a dissatisfaction with the status quo can be somewhat difficult if you’ve only known tremendous success.

So how do you get everyone on board to change when change doesn’t seem like an imperative?

We’d add our own insights here, but we were so inspired by an email from one of the associates of the successful company that we thought we’d share how he sold ‘change’ to his staff:

“We are not making a change to a Team concept because we are doing something wrong. In fact, our success is due to the great work we have done to this point. We are a leader in the field. We want to maintain that leadership and to do so we need to move forward with how we do business.

I mentioned to the team that yesterday I read about the Woolworth Company in an American history book. They once had the tallest building in New York City. They had stores worldwide. I asked who remembers Woolworths. Nearly everyone smiled and said yes. I asked them when the last time they shopped at a Woolworth’s was. I heard a few chuckles and the fact that they are not in existence anymore. Yes, you are correct and we do not want to follow their example! Teaming will bring us to a new level of employee partnership. This will be an exciting adventure!”

The fact of the matter is that the only constant in life is that things change.  What was successful yesterday is no guarantee of success tomorrow.  In order to build a great company with amazing products and an engaged workforce it requires the keen ability to manage the change and master adaptability.

What have you seen work best when compelling your successful staff to reach even further?  How have you gotten workers on board with a change initiative when change doesn’t seem an imperative?


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