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New Directions Presents on Creating a Social Media Roadmap for the Business Council of Cohoes

Harrington Gives Practical Social Media Advice to a
Full Room of Business Professionals

Social-Media-Road-Map_Harri(Albany, NY) –– On May 9th, 2013 Matthew Harrington of New Directions presented Creating a Social Media Marketing Roadmap for the Business Council of Cohoes.  Harrington led a packed room of business professionals through a practical and pragmatic small business approach to understanding the holistic view of social media, how to create a strategic plan to implement a social media program, and how the role of communication with customers is changing for businesses.

Harrington, an expert on social media and social learning, was approached by the Business Council of Cohoes to present on social media and his experience with it. “I wanted to take this opportunity to share some core concepts about social media.” Harrington shared, “Being social on media is more than a tool, it’s a philosophy.  So often we see many businesses take on social media as a necessary evil (I don’t want to, but I have to), or at best, a tool they think should provide them a silver bullet for gaining more sales (so let’s just join every social media and see what happens).  With that in mind, our mission today was to help the participants see that social media is more than just a tool; it’s a way to connect ideas, people and stories.”

The program began, not with the newest, coolest social media to join, but rather with helping participants discover what their 40,000 foot social strategy is and what they wanted to accomplish by implementing social media in their marketing efforts.

“As a business partner myself, I get tired of going to event after event, doing very little ‘roll-up-the-sleeves’ work at the event and then walking away with nothing really to show for it – that’s ineffective and not what the time-strapped small business person needs.  I wanted participants at this event to walk away with a solid plan of strategy around their social media efforts.  Throughout the presentation we worked on building a One-Page Strategy plan or roadmap that looked at social strategy and then cascaded that down into key action items to implement immediately,” Harrington said after the event.

The presentation also included a look at the immerging trend of Inbound Marketing as a way to effectively communicate with potential customers using social media, discussion around what were some of the new social media channels that are out there, and group discussions to help business people connect.

Harrington is the Director of Business Development at New Directions Inc. where he focuses a lot of their marketing and sales efforts on new, innovative marketing tactics.  Harrington gives presentations and talks on the Millennial generation, using social media to increase employee engagement and has recently co-authored an upcoming book, Survival of the Hive: 7 Leadership Lessons from a Beehive. His experience in the field, as well as being a Millennial himself, makes him greatly desired by organizations struggling with generational conflict, social media and building new forms of leadership in the workplace.

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