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IN THE NEWS: New Directions Announces May as Team-Building Month

This month we’re celebrating the concept of team-building.  Our very own Lisa Dunbar will be presenting The Road To Top- Notch Teaming at this year’s Bright Ideas Conference on Friday, May 21st.  

Being an organization that focuses much of our work and passion on the collaborative spirit of teaming, we thought we’d take this month and offer up a whole bunch of teaming content to our dedicated readers.

Enjoy the nuggets of knowledge!



  Schedule of Events for the Next Month:

Every Monday: Team-Building Movie Day
we’ll feature a movie clip that shows the true spirit of teaming and teambuilding; let us know your favorites as well

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Every Tuesday: The FAQ’s of Developing a Team
 we’ll answer some of the hardest questions when dealing with team-building within your organization; what are some of your questions

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Every Wednesday: Our Raffolding-Scaffolding Team-Building Raffle
we’ll raffle off the Team-Building Tool Kitbook written by Deborah Mackin and a free Dunkin Donuts Coffee to enjoy while you read it

1st Wednesday – we will draw from our Newsletter list

2nd Wednesday  – we will draw from our
Facebook Fans list (make sure you’re on the list)

3rd and final Wednesday – we will draw from both lists


Every Thursday: NDCBlogger Features a Team-Based Blog Topic

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Don’t forget to sign up for the Bright Ideas Conference on Friday, May 21st and see Lisa present The Road to Top-Notch Teaming

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