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Mackin to Present at Vermont Women’s Leadership Conference in 2013


Vermont Woman Business Owner & Leadership Coach Set to Talk at the Vermont Women in Higher Education’s 2013 Women’s Leadership Conference

Deborah Mackin, founder and principle leadership coach at New Directions, a workforce development firm in North Bennington, Vermont has been chosen to speak at Vermont Women in Higher Education’s 2013 Women’s Leadership Conference. The conference will be held at the Killington Grande Hotel on March 21st and 22nd of 2013.

Mackin’s discussion will focus on Essential Leadership Lessons from a Beehive, where she will take insights from the culture of the beehive and talk about the practical leadership lessons that can be discovered from a hive. Mackin has been coaching executives, CEOs, leaders, teams, and managers for over 28 years in some of the world’s largest organizations such as Coca-Cola, Alcoa, Delta Faucet, AT&T, Sanofi Pasteur and the U.S. Navy. Mackin rose to international recognition with her three team-building books with the most recent having been published in 2007 by AMACOM, The Team-Building Tool Kit, Second Edition. Earlier this year, Mackin was recognized by the American Society for Quality (ASQ) as one of 30 others world-wide as an Influential Voice of Quality.

When asked about where the connection between beehives and leadership came, Mackin explains, “I’ve been beekeeping as an amateur for about 3 years now and as a leadership coach and trainer I’m always looking for new and fresh ways to look at leadership. When we purchased our first beehive, after carefully placing the queen in the hive, we tipped the box upside down and shook 5,000 bees into the hive. At first the bees were everywhere. But, within minutes all the bees had settled into the hive and begun their work.”

Mackin continues, “When you open the hive and watch it for any length of time, the culture of the beehive is quickly apparent. Every bee is industrious and purposeful. Communication occurs among the bees quickly. The queen is hard at work populating the hive and moving over the cells to ensure all the work of survival gets accomplished. It’s easy to realize there are leadership lessons for all of us as we look at the activity and various roles within a hive. We thought this would be a great discussion to highlight the 2013 Women’s Leadership Conference. We submitted the proposal and we’re asked to present. We’re excited to see if the bee-to-leadership connection is made and what people think about it.”

The 2013 conference, titled Pearls of Wisdom, will feature keynote speaker Madeleine Kunin, Vermont’s first female governor. The acclaimed conference is geared to all women working at colleges and universities in Vermont. Vermont Women in Higher Education (VWHE), the organizer of the annual conference, is affiliated with the Office of Women in Higher Education at the American Council on Education. VWHE is dedicated to serving women in higher education at all professional levels.

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