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Harrington, Subject Matter Expert on the Millennial Generation, Spoke to a Packed Room of Professional Organizations

The Professionals Collaborative Learns About the Millennial Generation

mattjan13Matthew Harrington, Performance Strategy Consultant at New Directions, a workforce training and development firm in North Bennington, Vermont spoke at The Professionals Collaborative’s January networking event, Thursday January 31, 2013 at the Double Tree Hotel Williston Road South Burlington, VT. The presentation, titled, “How to Excite, Engage, and Retain the Millennial generation in your 2013 goals,” gave insight into what the millennial generation is, why they act the way they do and provided key insights on how to attract them into nonprofit organizations and associations.

Harrington spoke about the new, young professional generation and how they look at professional groups, volunteerism, and the worldwide nature of technology. As a young professional himself, Harrington explained how best to capitalize on the millennial generations’ talents, strengths and assets as members of companies and professional groups. “Millennials,” Harrington suggested, “can also enhance productivity, increase the speed of communication, and encourage hyper-collaboration – bringing great balance to the workplace.”

While speaking to Harrington about his presentation at the TPC meeting in Burlington, he spoke of how honored and excited he was to be sharing his insight on the millennials in the training, quality and consulting profession. “This is a great opportunity for me to share what I know about the millennial professional and how they differ from those of older generations. We work and think differently,” says Harrington, “With all the new technology and social alterations that have occurred, I think that letting other professionals know how to adapt or work with the changing times is not only beneficial to them but for the rest of the business world.”

The January 2013 Meeting, titled Networking: Create. Build. Renew. was attended by member organizations such as: Association for Operations Management, American Society for Training and Development, American Society for Quality, Institute of Management Accountants, Institute for Supply Management, Project Management Institute, and Vermont Consultants Network.

To read Harrington’s recent post on the topic, click here: How to Excite and Engage the Millennial Generation to Join Your Nonprofit Association

For an more extensive, personalized interview with the American Society of Training and Development about the networking event and presentation:

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