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Global Shift in Leadership: A Move from Recruitment to Development Indicates New Survey

Bee-Cocktail-Change-the-ConRecently Deloitte released their Global Human Capital 2013 Trends report.  This report looked at and analyzed how companies were “pivoting from the recession to the new horizons of 2020.”  In the survey and report, which covered more than 1,300 organizations in 59 countries, 90% of global business leaders and HR executives are looking to abandon traditional leadership models to build new ways to develop talent.  The new strategy organizations are using to secure leadership is a “global shift away from external recruiting to an internal leadership development plan” the survey reports.

The report focuses on this key concept as it looks to 2020: Human capital issues command increasing attention, and in some cases, have become a permanent fixture on board agendas.  Senior business leaders consider talent to be perhaps the critical factor in the push for sustainable growth and the need to manage new opportunities and risks in a more complex and interdependent world.  Whether the growth strategies today are based on new innovative products and services, new market entry and through mergers and acquisitions – all are dependent on talent as the core foundation of success.

Talent is now driving decisions that impact the organization’s core strategy:

– How should we expand into new markets and which markets offer the best opportunities?

– Do we have the people we need to drive new product innovation?

– Is this the best company to acquire and can we integrate successfully?

– How should we organize our business in a post-digital world driven by social media, mobile technology, and universal access to big data?

One of the trends that Deliotte found to be at the top of all organizations list, whether small or large, global or local, was the need to develop internal talent or leaders.  When executives were asked to name the top two most pressing talent concerns facing them today, the first concern squarely focused on the need to develop new leaders and plan for leadership succession (62%).  The second – sustaining employee engagement and morale (42%) *the percentage of respondents rating the concern 1, 2, or 3.

We’ve been here before.  New Directions celebrated its 29th anniversary last week and we’ve been coming alongside organizations for almost three decades helping to develop their leaders.  However, last year, we got a certain “bug” about us.  We thought the conversation we were trying to have and the importance of leadership development was waning.  It was being put on the back burner because a huge, nasty Recession hit every organization in the gut. Training budgets were cut, leadership development programs were boxed up and put away – “we’ll just limp through” was the response of many organizations when thinking about talent development and leadership succession.

To that end, we decided to take a unique, daring and somewhat different approach.  We wrote Survival of the Hive: 7 Leadership Lessons from a Beehive.  We thought like Don Draper of Madmen, “If you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation.”  And that’s the mission we’re on.  Changing the conversation of leadership development from a “nice to have” to “a must have.”

As the Deloitte report points out, “yesterday’s leadership theories are not keeping pace with the velocity of today’s disruptive market place.  Organizations are seeking a new model for the age of agility…One size does not fit all.”

We hope you’re as serious about your leadership development as we are.  You’re reading this, and perhaps you’ve even subscribed to our weekly insights email – that’s a really good sign.  However, have you stopped to think: “Are our leaders good enough?” “What do we want our next decade of leadership to be?” “Are we going through the motions when we check leadership development off our list or are we exploring new leadership practices and theories?” The era of the cookie cutter approach to leadership is over as the survey pointes out.  Focus on what is needed in your leadership ranks to sustain your business model for the future.

Two things you can do as soon as you finish reading this post:

– For those in the Capital Area or Bennington, Vermont, you can sign up for our Workforce Training Series workshops.  In the Capital Area we are focusing the day-long workshops on Accountability, Motivation, Change and Conflict:

– You can pick up a copy of Survival of the Hive: 7 Leadership Lessons from a Beehive and catch the buzz:

Hope we’re changing the conversation just a bit.

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