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Best Strategies for Helping Yourself Handle Change Successfully Workshop

Change-Management-for-YoursThe only constant is change.  This workshop targets the individual and how he/she deals with change personally. This session will help individuals understand the effects of change, steps to progress through change and help them build crucial characteristics for dealing with change in the future.

You may find yourself having trouble sleeping, picking fights with others, or just wanting to stay in bed. We all need help understanding what’s happening to us emotionally during change.

The learner will be able to:

  • See how we react when change occurs
  • Learn the emotional stages we go through during the change
  • Understand why we put up resistance, even when we don’t mean to
  • Learn the four steps to handle change successfully
  • Measure yourself against the characteristics of people who
    succeed at change
  • Build your personal change action plan

Who Should Attend

Best suited for any employee going through or facing significant change.


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