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Thumbnail : 15 Leadership Tools for 2015

15 Leadership Tools for 2015

This is what we’re seeing out in the field as some of the best leadership tools that are being used and implemented effectively: 1. LinkedIn – LinkedIn has been around for over a decade now but its importance as a social leadership tool is unrivaled. This is a great platform to connect with other leaders, […]

Thumbnail : 10 Leadership Tools Every Leader Should Know How to Use in the Workplace

10 Leadership Tools Every Leader Should Know How to Use in the Workplace

It’s amazing/startling to see, when we go into an organization and begin to work with their leaders, managers or teams, the lack of knowledge people have around basic leadership tools that they could be using to produce better results.  Tools that if applied correctly and for the right challenge, can quickly turn a long, results-lacking […]

STRATEGY: 11 Bold Strategies for Employee Development in 2011

Let’s face it; the economic slowdown has had an effect on the US workforce that we have yet to fully comprehend.  The decision to extend unemployment benefits to 99 weeks is a tangible reminder of how desperate the employment situation is for so many people.  Those with newly minted college degrees are facing over 14% […]

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