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Thumbnail : Train-the-Trainer Certificate Workshop

Train-the-Trainer Certificate Workshop

Looking to cut your training costs? Needing results with your learning program? Our train-the-trainer workshop certifies trainers in adult learning theory, workshop design, and presentation skills. More and more organizations are finding it cost effective to build in-house training teams and purchase scripted modules that are “ready to go.” We have now launched over a […]

Thumbnail : Effective Group Facilitation Workshop

Effective Group Facilitation Workshop

Experts suggest that facilitation skills will be an absolute “must have” competency for leaders, whether leading a small group or large project team.  This training teaches the 5 Key Steps for Effective Facilitation with hands-on practice in the session.

Thumbnail : Skinny-Mini Meeting Tool Kit

Skinny-Mini Meeting Tool Kit

The skinny on meetings is that we’re not that good at them.  Do you go to meetings and tend to sit around listening to endless information sharing rather then problem solve?  Do you attend meetings that lack structure, roles or accountability?  Do you walk out of meetings wishing you felt more productive or clear on the objective? It can be frustrating, but […]

Thumbnail : MEETINGS: Facilitating The "High Heat" Meeting

MEETINGS: Facilitating The "High Heat" Meeting

The department managers sat glumly waiting for the meeting to begin.  They knew it wasn’t going to be good news as corporate had been suggesting for months that cuts needed to be made.  When the meeting began, it didn’t take long for tempers to flare, as fingers were pointing from one to another in an […]

Thumbnail : The Best of NDCBlogger – Year in Review

The Best of NDCBlogger – Year in Review

Well, what a year for NDCBlogger!  After making the decision to go full steam ahead a year ago and start blogging we have had great fun coming up with topics every week that spark debate, question traditional philosophies and hopefully, inspire you to perform with excellence. We created our blog program as a venue for […]

FACILITATION SKILLS: We Need More Skilled Facilitators

Awhile back one of our clients needed to train employees who facilitate problem resolution sessions. We all made an assumption that the participants would be capable of basic facilitation:  opening a meeting, assigning roles, launching a brainstorming session, narrowing the focus, and guiding the group through to decision making. Boy, were we wrong. By the […]

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