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The Millennial/Gen-X Conflict: Why They’re Different, How They’re Alike, and What We Can Do To Get Them Working Together

Unlike the size of baby boomers (80 million) and millennials/Gen-Y (78 million), Gen-X has just 46 million members, making it a dark-horse demographic. This can cause great tension and a challenge for organizations as the Boomers fade and Gen-x and Millennials look to fill the ranks.

The looming issue for our workforce and our organizations is that the Gen-Xer is now the manager of the millennial generation and quite frankly they don’t like each other.  They struggle to work well with one another – each one believing in the common stereotypes of the other.

Over 60% of employers say that they are experiencing tension among employees from different generations.  70% of older employees dismiss younger workers’ talents and capabilities, while 50% of younger employees dismiss the talents and capabilities of their older coworkers.

Who is the Gen-X?  How are the millennials and Gen-X different?  How are they alike?  What can we do to get them working together effectively to build the next great organization?  Download our newest article to learn more about the Gen-X demographic and what tips and tactics you can use to get both generations working together more effectively

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