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TEAMING: The Case for In-House Training Teams

A new paper from New Directions discusses how organizations can cut cost while offering employee development by implementing In-House Training Teams within their organizations.


View 1 minute videos from successful In-House Training Team Members to see the potentials of starting an In-House Training Team program and then scroll down to view the free paper on In-House Training Teams. 

IHTT joined_crop



Listen to Denise on why she joined the team (view)






Listen to Mike on what makes the team so effective (view)






Listen to Celie on feedback since implementing the team (view)






Listen to Ed on his professional growth since joining (view)




In this paper you will learn:

  • What an In-House Training Team is
  • How implementing an In-House Training Team can help cut the cost of employee development at your organization
  • What the direct benefits of creating an In-House Training Team are
  • How In-House Training Teams Aid Employee Motivation and Retention
  • How to select an In-House Training Team
  • The steps to launching an In-House Training Team program in your organization

Read the full paper for free: click here



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