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MANAGERS AND SUPERVISORS: The Belief: Behavior Connection – A New Look at Behavioral Management

This week we bring to you a special edition of our weekly blog highlighting Deb Mackin’s recent publication in Training Magazine’s online resource  In the publication, Deb introduces her new model of analyzing and responding to behavorial management in the workplace: The Belief: Behavior Connection model©, a concept that Training Magazine and others have found very valuable.



 The Belief: Behavior Connection: A New Look at Behavioral Management

For years the standard performance management procedure has been to coach an individual at the first sign of performance difficulty and then progressively get more serious with formal, written warnings if the behavior doesn’t fix itself. The focus is on behavior—identifying it, tracking its frequency, and communicating it to the employee. The expectation is that the employee, upon having the behavior clearly identified, will start to change or improve the behavior. While it sounds good, too often it simply doesn’t work. The Belief: Behavior Connection (B: BC) has not been established…     [Click here to read more]





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