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TEAMING: FAQ #3: What happens if someone does not want to work as a team?

When management has made a clear statement that the organization will be team-based, then the individual has to have a serious self-talk to see if he/she wants to continue working for the organization. Fundamentally, in a team-based organization there is no choice and individuals need to recognize that fact. In an organization where management hasn’t made a clear statement, these people will be able to control the movement of teams very negatively.

Teams are expected in the early stage to develop a Conflict Resolution Protocol that dictates how issues will be resolved between team members. Typically, the first step is for one team member to bring the problem to the other team member directly, rather than talking to other members of the team. Team Sponsors and Coaches should encourage this exchange between the parties, rather than trying to fix it themselves. Ultimately, if a team member will not try to get along with others on the team, the team has the right to recommend to the Sponsor, Coach or Manager that the member be removed.


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