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STRATEGY: Strategic Planning Season

Over the past couple months we have had a conversation with you about some of the key elements that go into a sound strategic plan.  We discussed the need to take the pulse of your customer and receive their feedback in our posts Customer & Client Surveying – Lessons Learned & Matt’s The Customer Revolution.  This is essential in knowing where you are as an organization and where you need to go to meet your customer or client’s needs.  Developing your mission, vision, and values as Michael discussed in The 3 Foundations of Business Decision Making: Mission, Vision, Values will guide your organization as you embark on the journey to strategic renewal.  With a plan in place and operational goals established, tactical  initiatives can be worked on to drive innovation and sustainability, something Lisa discussed in 3 Tips For Tactical Planning.

In the next several months most organizations will begin their strategic planning process, or review, for the coming years.  The beauty of doing the plan correctly is it eliminates the need for a lot of rework year after year.  It’s just as simple as updating the SWOT Analysis and defining new strategies and objectives.  The plan can then be cascaded to department heads and managers for implementation.  With the Strat. Plan in place, we can better manage what Tom Peters long ago called “the wild and stormy sea” of change.  We thought it might be helpful to offer you our updated 2011 Strategic Planning Primer (Preview Table of Contents) to get you started.

Speak with or Email one of our associates to order your copy today.

Strat plan for cc_crop

For 2011, have a renewed mission, a clear vision, and a bold strategy.  We wish you great success.

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