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SOCIAL MEDIA: Social Networking and the World Wide Web

I have been getting an intense education from my younger son, Matt, in the art of social networking. During the past several months he has introduced me to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, iGoogle, and YouTube. I’m realizing that there is a whole new way of communicating going on that I had been oblivious to until he set me up on each on of them.

Now, when I boot up my computer I have my own special iGoogle page that comes up – showing me headlines from CNN and the NY Times including Thomas Friedman’s column, weather in White Creek, my latest Facebook messages, and whose following whom on Twitter. I’m now connected to my online alumni associations for Syracuse and Antioch, plus links to all my association memberships including SHRM, ASTD, and ASQ. Yesterday I received a LinkedIn message from a fellow in Spain. Suddenly my world is becoming much smaller. I can even know that Lance Armstrong took his kids to school last week – that is, if I really wanted to know that information.

I had an opportunity recently to use all this new-found knowledge with a client when we were talking about program design for a conference this summer. The client is eager to build not just his business, but the industry overall – especially for the younger generation. Well, what better way than to create some “buzz” on all these social networks. We’ve actually created a New Directions Facebook page of our own to show off training photos and just chat with participants and customers.

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