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Now Available: The Amazing, One-of-a-Kind, Super-Collaborative Holiday Recipe Toolkit!

holiday-picture-finished-1This is the time of year where giving is just as important as receiving.  As many of you know, we’ve spent the last month collecting holiday recipes from staff, clients, fans and friends to create a Holiday Recipe Toolkit that can be purchased for $5 with proceeds going to charity.
After Superstorm Sandy hit the east coast in fall of 2012, destroying much of the iconic beaches, homes and businesses of New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Connecticut, we realized the Holiday Recipe Toolkit would be a perfect way to help raise money to help and assist the victims of the storm.

Unlike other holiday emails, videos or cards in the past, we are asking you for a $5 donation to go to the relief efforts for Superstorm Sandy.  Proceeds from the downloaded Holiday Recipe Toolkit will go towards the American Red Cross/Sandy Relief Fund.

A core philosophy and value here at New Directions is one of caring for our community and of servanthood leadership – the idea that we lead best when we are serving the needs of others.  This holiday season we ask you to remember what the season is really about – family and friends, warmth of heart, and the generosity of spirit.

If you’d like to donate and receive the Holiday Recipe Toolkit,we would greatly appreciate it!

Happy Holidays,
The NDC Team

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