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GUESTBLOGGER: My Time as an Intern at New Directions – Nicole Peterson

NicolePetersonPhotoI learned about New Directions Consulting from my College Advisor and Internship Coordinator at Southern Vermont College.  Once I found out what type of business it was and had my interview with Matt I felt like I had finally found something that was up my alley, and for a senior in college that is huge! After being here for 4 months the feeling has continued, and along with it a better understanding of myself, and what I want to explore within the business world.

The anxiety of starting somewhere new, of not really being sure of what my role was, and if I could accomplish the tasks that were given to me is always a hard thing to get over. Here at New Directions they made it easy. They were welcoming and supporting and threw tasks at me that in my mind made me think they were crazy for trusting me to accomplish things correctly. They challenged me and for that I am grateful. I learned that they didn’t expect me to come in and know everything; they expected me to make mistakes and learn from them.

And learn I did. From press releases to the blog I am currently writing I have expanded my writing and editing abilities. I learned about workforce training, team building, the Millennial generation (me), helped with producing a training on Effective Meeting skills, attended a workshop on supervisory skills, and so much more.  The team here is helpful and insightful, and love their job. This in turn helped me to have a wonderfully knowledgeable and exciting internship.

Throughout the last semester, I was repeatedly ask what I was interested in doing or what I wanted to accomplish while interning at the company, and even though I was already learning and accomplishing more than I ever thought I would with an internship, it was nice to be asked. With my last task underway (writing this blog) I can look back and actually see my progress.  I can rightfully say that I have come out of this experience a more knowledgeable person, not just in the topics I spoke of earlier, but in a professional sense as well. This internship gave me new skills and understanding as well as self-confidence, and a sense of accomplishment and worth.

New Directions may be a small in size, however they sure do get a lot done, and I would like to thank them for letting me be a part of all the excitement for my last semester at school. I felt appreciated here, they made me feel like I was an asset and that I could go on and become a value-added employee at my first “real” job out of college. They gave me a confidence that I can work with, I came in thinking “I’ll try,” and left thinking “If I can’t figure it out, Google it, if I still can’t figure it out, ask for help.”

Nicole Peterson is a senior at Southern Vermont College in Bennington, Vermont.  She is graduating this week with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management.  Her plan after graduation is to work for Prince William Sound Aquaculture as a Human Resources Assistant in her home town of Cordova, Alaska.  The New Directions team wishes her great success and a long, prosperous professional career.

Learn more about internship and employment opportunities with New Directions.

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